DH Delivery

Welcome to the Bay Area's leading advertising company!

Specializing in direct door to door distribution of advertisement.
Our Mission is to provide direct marketing solutions for your business growth, at a cost effective price.

We bring more traffic to your business and get your name out there!
Do you have an event or a grand opening for your business, school or organization?
We can help you reach thousands of homes with amazing response guaranteed!

Our strategy is simple but precise!
We deliver your advertisement straight to the front door of each home near your neighborhood or desired target area.
The home owners/residents will take the time to look at your advertisement and physically grab it and decide from there if they
will keep it or throw it away. Either way our success is in the fact that most people keep it and grab it no matter what!
Therefore the chances of a potential sale or new customer is increased immediately.

Give us a call to find out more!
Do not be fooled by others promising the same services, we are professional and have the license and references to prove it.
We are not the middle people! DH Delivery is direct in all aspects of the word!

Remember that you will always get what you pay for!
Invest your money properly!

Our business is to help your business. We are professional, Experienced and Ensured

DH Delivery
(408) 937-1906
Mail: P.O.Box 90402 San Jose, CA 95109
Office: 634 Giguere Ct. San Jose, CA 95133